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My Story

I love everything around food, health, lifestyle and ways in which we can improve it. I love the way food can benefit our bodies, change the way we feel, change our mood and our emotions, nut most of all how it can benefit our health.

I’ve discovered this for myself.  For over over 20 years i have suffered from terrible migraines, dizziness and vertigo, which left me feeling very unwell and changed my life.  At times these were very debilitating and could spending months at a time in bed with crippling symptoms and little help or explanation for Doctors.  Most of my tests drew a blank and there was no real answers.  I saw many specialists, consultants, doctors and experts over this time and tried many medications through desperation (i hate to take anything my body doesn’t need so this was not my first option)  and other treatments but with no great success.  In 2018, in another attempt to try something new, i embarked on a journey with a functional doctor and nutritionist and to my delight, I am happy to report i now have my life back and in charge of my health again.


Functional medicine and nutrition aims to get to the root of the issues and highlight areas of dysbiosis and restore balance to the body, providing it with the resources it needs to function from a cellular level to aid the bodies own natural healing.  Diet, nutrition and lifestyle are all huge factors and there is plenty of areas we can look at to work with our bodies naturally.  You can read more about my story here Migraines & Vertigo – How i found my cure with Functional Medicine

I have always been fascinated by natural health and been in complementary therapy for over 25 years.  Motivated by my own journey I am now currently studying Nutritional Therapy with the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London with a view to practice Functional Medicine for myself.

I hope the information here is helpful to you and you enjoy the recipes and tips and live your healthiest, happiest and best lives working with nature and its many benefits it can provide us with.  My information here is not intended to replace medical advice and therefore please consult a professional practitioner.

If you are a company and you think I should know about you, do please get in touch via my Work With Me page.

Health, Happiness, Love and Plant Power!

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